- the public-sector citizen portal


It should be easy for citizens to find information about public services online and then utilise these digitally. Therefore, was launched in 2007 as a single point of access to digital self-service and information about the public sector. is a common public-sector portal providing a single point of access to the authorities’ digital self-service solutions and information about public authorities and services. People can find information about the Danish public sector and they can utilise public services themselves online at any time of the day or night. User-friendliness is key in the ongoing work to develop and operate

All information about the public sector contains around 800 pages of information for citizens about the public sector. There are 18 different subject entrances on from ‘Work, unemployment benefits and holidays’ to ‘Schools and education’ and ‘Finances, tax and student grants’. Users can click to the individual subjects via the menu on the front page of the portal, or use the search function.

2,000 self-service solutions on is a showcase for about 2,000 online self-service solutions across the public sector. Using, you can enrol your child on a waiting list for daycare, report that you are changing address, apply for child benefits, change GP, complete your tax return and much more. 

Mit Overblik (My Overview)

My Overview is the citizens’ personal page on Here, citizens can log-on using their NemID (eID solution) and see some of the information on them held by the public authorities. For example, there is information on tax, pensions, health, student grants or housing. 

Digital Post

Digital Post is a digital letterbox service on by which citizens’ can receive mail from the public authorities and private businesses such as banks and insurance companies. Since 1 November 2014, the public sector has been sending Digital Post to all citizens above the age of 15 who have a civil registry number (CPR number) and permanent residence Denmark.

Good user experience and cohesive user journeys

Since 2012, there has been sharp focus on user experience for people navigating

Based on the common public sector digitisation strategy 2016-2020, good and cohesive user pathways across public authorities have been a focus area in work on People should be able to navigate the site easily and quickly, and then find the relevant authority areas and services where they can serve themselves online.

The overall user experience includes easy and intuitive user pathways, accessibility, clear language, appropriate and straightforward design. Moreover, people are presented with their own personal data where relevant.

Personalised and customised content

During work to support the targets in the digitisation strategy, is collaborating with authorities to present more customised content on for different groups of citizens in different life situations.

For example, up to now all citizens have been presented with the same content on My Overview when they log in using their NemID (for example CPR number, address and tax information). With agreements on greater authority access to citizens’ data, the authorities can now customise the display of data for selected segments of citizens, and can offer more personalised and targeted content.

For example, people about to retire will be presented with content especially relevant for them when they log-in to They will be met with a message explaining that they should remember to apply for a state pension before they reach 65 years of age. This type of content has been drawn up in close collaboration with the authority responsible for the data.