Notifications about Digital Post

Residents and businesses can choose to receive text-messages or e-mails when receiving Digital Post from public authorities.

To sign up for this service you must register a Danish mobile-number (meaning a mobile number with the country code +45) along with an e-mail address in Digital Post.

The difference between notifications and NemSMS

It is worth noticing the differences between Digital Post notifications and NemSMS.

Public authorities use NemSMS to communicate service-messages such as appointments with public services, whereas Digital Post notifications alone notifies an owner of a digital mailbox of new post.

With NemSMS, Danish public authorities can easily and effectively send service text messages to citizens. The messages can aid citizens and businesses in remembering deadlines, meetings and important appointments with the public sector. Additionally, the messages inform citizens of relevant changes or events in their local area - such as temporary power outages.

NemSMS is a joint-public sector solution enabling the government and municipal authorities to save resources and funds as the service prompts the opportunity to:

  • Send text messages (NemSMS) to all citizens and businesses who have given their consent to the application of their phone number in regards to the service.
  • Access a national mobile directory that is continuously expanded upon for the benefit of all authorities - and the users of the service.
  • Ensure that service messages to citizens and businesses alike are sent manually or automatically from the public authorities’ existing systems (booking systems, etc.).

NemSMS is not to be confused with the public digital service Digital Post, which is a text message and e-mail notification service. NemSMS is a stand-alone service. This means that citizens registered in the Digital Post service are not automatically registered to receive NemSMS.

Public authorities are able to control every instance in which the NemSMS service is being used and whether more than one reminder is sent per appointment, per meeting or per deadline.

The use of NemSMS is not mandatory for citizens, businesses or authorities.