Security for the end-user has been at the forefront of the health insurance card app (Danish: aundhedskort-app) since its inception.

During set-up of the health insurance card app, the resident's personal identification number (CPR-number) is cross-referenced with their Danish eID (MitID), to ensure the validity of their identity.

Furthermore, a number of features are included in the app to ensure a safe and data-ethical end-user experience.

App security features

The features of the health insurance card app include:

  • The option to toggle the last four digits of the user’s CPR-number on and off, to allow for increased privacy when showing the app
  • A dynamic watermark to ensure that the card shown is not a fraudulent screenshot
  • The end-user’s information does not appear as text in the app, in case of a registered protected address
  • The app requires log-in, as to prevent unauthorized access
  • In case of a phone being stolen or lost, it is possible to reset the app at the digital citizen portal, to prevent malicious access to the app.