Division for the National Citizen Portal

We develop, maintain and operate borger.dk, including My Overview, Digital Post on borger.dk, and the Digital Post app.

Borger.dk – a single entry point to public services

The National Citizen Portal, borger.dk, guides and helps citizens solve their errands with the public sector digitally, especially in cases with no clear starting point. We work to ensure that borger.dk contributes to a safe, user-friendly and transparent public sector.

All presented in clear and easy-to-understand language.

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Borger.dk also has an English-language site, lifeindenmark.dk, whose main target audience is international citizens. Amongst other things, it allows EU citizens to log on to Danish self-services with their eID, and therefore functions as Denmark's Single Digital Gateway.

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My Overview – collects and displays data on the individual citizen

My Overview is a personalised, user-friendly page on borger.dk that presents the citizen with a combined digital overview. The most important data that public authorities have about each citizen is presented here. Citizens hereby gain greater insight into ongoing case processing, benefits, applications, and other interactions with public authorities.

The division is responsible for the underlying infrastructure, which ensures the compilation of data from public sector authorities (‘orchestration component’) and the ongoing development of the user interface for displaying data.

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Digital Post on borger.dk and the Digital Post app – public post

On both Digital Post platforms, citizens can:

  1. receive post from public authorities
  2. write to public authorities.

Digital Post on borger.dk is available in both Danish and English.

In the Digital Post app, it is possible for citizens who have a commercial eID to log in so that they can read and reply to their company's or organisation's Digital Post. The app is available on both App Store and Google Play.

The division has designed and developed the platforms based on the underlying common public IT solution for secure digital communication: Digital Post, provided by the Division for Digital Post.

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User involvement – always

The division works continuously to optimise borger.dk, including My Overview, Digital Post and the Digital Post app, based on its users' needs. Citizens should experience solutions that are both timeless and credible in their graphic design, and above all clear and easy to navigate. The division therefore always involves users in the development of solutions and user tests before implementing new features.

Collaborations across the public sector

The Division is responsible for the overall quality of content on borger.dk. The public authorities, however, are each responsible for their own information, data and self-services on borger.dk. The division has formalised agreements with the public authorities and works closely together with the public authorities to make sure that all content is updated and correct. 

Different skills and professions

The variety of tasks carried out by the division requires different skill-sets, which is why the division includes communications consultants, UX specialists, project managers, test managers, technical specialists, operations managers, and product owners.