Division for Apps and Cross-Border eIDs

The Division for Apps and Cross-Border eIDs is responsible for the coordination of the national implementation of EU requirements. This includes tasks related to cross-border use of electronic-IDs (eIDs), as well as operations, development and management of its associated apps.

eID and SDG - cross-border digital identifications

The division handles tasks that supports the use of Danish eIDs on a cross-border basis within the EU and EEA. The eIDAS Regulation requires that citizens, under certain circumstances, must be able to use their national eID to authenticate themselves in other countries' digital self-services. The division also handles tasks linked to the implementation of the EU Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI Wallet) outlined in the revised eIDAS Regulation.

Moreover, the division is responsible for the national coordination of the implementation of the Single Digital Gateway (SDG) Regulation in Denmark. The purpose of the Regulation is to grant online access to information, administrative procedures, and assistance services for businesses and residents in the EU.

Within the scope of work, the team contributes to a common European foundation for secure electronic identification and interaction, thereby increasing the efficiency of economic and social development in public and private online services.

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Management of app-certificates

The division has the additional responsibility of the Agency for Digital Government's app management and development. The Division is responsible for The Danish Driving Licence App and The Danish Health Insurance Card App. Central to this is the support of an effective, flexible and streamlined development of apps across the agency. The division aids the agency in developing apps that provide Danish users with reliable, up to date and safe digital solutions.

The app-team continuously works towards adapting its associated digital solutions to ensure they meet the requirements – current as well as future - for security, flexibility and quality.

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