Division for Business eIDs and User Management Services

The Division for Business eIDs and User Management Services is responsible for managing and developing solutions such as the new business solution MitID Erhverv, NemLog-in, Broker for MitID, Digital Power of Attorney, and others. The solutions constitute key elements in the digital infrastructure in Denmark.

Residents, companies, and public authorities use public IT solutions such as NemLog-in and Digital Power of Attorney daily. The Division for Business eIDs and User Management Services is responsible for ensuring that these solutions are stable and robust. In addition, the division is responsible for continuous development of the solutions in order for them to meet requirements and create value for its users.

The division collaborates closely with suppliers and other external partners to prepare a safe and smooth transition to the new solutions for all. This is achieved through, among other initiatives, an active and targeted communications effort.

MitID Erhverv

The eID solution MitID replaces the previous eID NemID. The associated new business solution, MitID Erhverv, is launched in order to meet the needs for increased security and future-proof, flexible solutions. This also applies to a new version of NemLog-in, which together with the other solutions will ensure a continued solid foundation for digitisation of the public sector in Denmark.

Read more about MitID for organizations and MitID Erhverv at mitid.dk

Digital Power of Attorney

The Digital Power of Attorney (Danish: Digital Fuldmagt) was developed for public authorities to allow citizens to be represented in digital self-service solutions. The Agency for Digital Government makes the Digital Power of Attorney available to each public authority.

A new initiative will make it easier for citizens and public authorities to issue, administer, and apply power of attorneys across the public sector. For this purpose, functionality, common digital infrastructure, and standards for power of attorneys must be developed and disseminated.

Read more about Digital Power of Attorney at digst.dk (in Danish)

Digital Consent Service

Consent is used in a number of contexts by public authorities in their solutions, including when data is exchanged across authorities to ensure a more coherent public sector. A new initiative will strengthen the public digital services by making it easier for public authorities to share relevant consents and at the same time give citizens a better overview of which public authorities they have consented to. A common digital infrastructure and standard for marking consent is vital for this development.

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