Division for National eIDs

The Division for National eIDs is responsible for ensuring stable and secure system management of NemID and MitID. In addition, we are responsible for further developing MitID as a public digital IT-solution.

NemID and MitID are the national eIDs for public digital services. NemID and MitID work as your secure login regardless of where you use it – whether you are accessing your online banking services or the local authorities’ self-service sites.

The division works closely together with the financial sector, suppliers and other external partners, to ensure that the solutions is built for future needs and reflect the necessity for increased security and adaption to change in user needs. One way of securing this is by maintaining active communication and implementation.

MitID has replaced NemID 

Digital solutions are renewed or replaced over time. This happens because of security requirements and new technology. MitID satisfies the latest security requirements, so we can also use the internet with confidence in the future. MitID is your proof of identity when you need to log in, approve actions, or sign digitally.

MitID replaces and expands the functionality of NemID. MitID is owned and developed through a partnership between the Danish bank sector, represented by Finans Danmark, and the public sector, represented by the Agency for Digital Government.

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