Division for Digital Post

Division for Digital Post is responsible for managing, improving and future-proofing Digital Post for the benefit of residents, enterprises and public authorities.

Digital Post is an important cornerstone of the national cross-governmental digital service infrastructure in Denmark, as it aims to support and strengthen the public service for citizens and companies as well as public authorities.

The digital infrastructure enables, amongst other things, that residents can receive a summoning from the hospital or a reply from the municipality regarding a place application to an after-school scheme. Businesses can receive information about maternity leave, reimbursement of sick day’s payment, criminal records, and similar.

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Cooperation creates security and ease of use

Division for Digital Post, in cooperation with other divisions of the Agency for Digital Government, sets a high standard of security, usability and easy access to public digitalisation. This is evident in the collaboration of suppliers and viewing clients (also known as platforms) in the development and operation of Digital Post, led by the division.

In addition to this, the division also maintains a coordinating position and continuous dialogue with the various public and private organisations (Borger.dk, Virk, Danish Business Authority, e-Boks A/S and Netcompany A/S), approved by Agency for Digital Government as platforms of Digital Post.

A brief summary of the work of the mail of tomorrow

In addition to the operation and maintenance of the Digital Post solution, Division for Digital Post also has the responsibility of continuously improving and future proofing Digital Post in Denmark, with end users in focus.

As an example, Division for Digital Post has targeted the use of a new messaging format (MeMo) for authorities, following the launch of Digital Post on the 21st of March 2022. MeMo facilitates the authorities’ ability to strengthen usability in digital communication with residents and businesses. By using MeMo, authorities are able to set up smarter showings and functions, making it easier for citizens to act on messages. As an example, these could include calendar invites that can be copied directly to the residents’ mobile phone, tablet, or computer calendar, or direct links to public self-service sites. This format also improves possibilities of streamlining internal departmental work-flow and communication between authorities.

Internal collaboration in the Agency for Digital Government

In the daily effort of creating a stable, secure and inclusive digital infrastructure, the Division for Digital Post cooperates with:

  • Division for Business eIDs and User Management Services
  • Division for the National Citizen’s Portal
  • Division for Digital Inclusion and Services